5 “Must Have” Time Management Apps

5 “Must Have” Time Management Apps

Time management is something that a lot of people have problems with. There is always something that draws your attention away from what you need to do or too many thoughts that stop you from remembering your to-do list. Fortunately, there are apps that you can use which will help you with this.


The first time management app that you need to know about is Workflow. This is a highly customizable app which will shave off a lot of time from the more complicated tasks that you have to do each day. When you use this app, you can create shortcuts on your phone which perform batches of tasks with one tap. These shortcuts can be set to back up all of your pictures into Dropbox or get directions to your next meeting.

Workflow offers amazing integration with other apps that you may be using. There are also over 200 actions that you can set up which save you a lot of time. However, it is important to note that Workflow is currently only available for Apple users.

Workflow is one of the time management apps you need to have because it cuts down on wasted time. You will also be able to quickly and easily set it up and use it. The user interface is simple and you will never have to worry about clicking through a number of screens to get to what you want. The versatility of the app also makes it a good choice and it is able to work from within other apps such as Evernote and Safari.


To-do lists are a great way to manage your time, but having them written down on a piece of paper can be a problem. You can easily lose the paper that you have used and you cannot share this with other people. This is where Wunderlist will come in handy as it is a great collaborative to-do list app which helps you to coordinate with other people.

Wunderlist offers more than a simple to-do list as you can share goals and track completion with the app. You can choose who to send different lists to and make comments on the lists that you receive. You can also set due dates and reminders for individual tasks which makes it easier to stay on track.

One of the best things about Wunderlist is the number of platforms that it is available on. You can download an Android and iOS app, get it on Windows, Google Chrome, and OS X. Once you have logged into your account, all of your installations will synchronize so what you add on your app will display on your computer as well.

Wunderlist will help your whole team stay in the loop as you collaborate on different projects. It will also ensure that you never forget anything and is available on almost every platform imaginable. Wunderlist is one of the best to-do list apps on the market.


Do you ever wonder where all of your time has gone? If the answer is yes, you need to get RescueTime which is a time-tracking app that records how and where you spend your time online. This is a great way to determine where you are wasting time and what you have been doing all day.

RescueTime is a great app which allows you to determine what is distracting you from your work. You will then be able to limit the distractions by using the temporary block that the app offers. This temporary block will stop you from logging into Facebook when you should be working.

RescueTime is available on a number of platforms including Linux, Windows, OS X, Android, and iOS. This will help you track what you are doing across all of your devices and stop any distractions. Time wasting is the killer of productivity and this app will help you overcome this.

RescueTime will also help you get things done faster because it helps you organize your day better. You can create a better work-life balance through the temporary block feature. The reports that you get from the app are also very details so you can see exactly what you are doing.


Pocket is a different time management app because it does not directly help you track your work or manage your schedule. Pocket is a bookmarking app which lets you save articles to read later. Most people find that even when they are their most productive, one fascinating article is enough to pull them away from their work.

Pocket will help you at these times as you can save everything that you think is interesting in a single place. When your work is done, you will be able to easily find the information again and read it. One of the best things about Pocket is the fact that it works with over 1500 other apps. This means that you will be able to save the content regardless of where you find it.


Taking the time to coordinate and plan meetings will often throw a spanner in your time management. This is where Clara will come in. Clara is an artificially intelligent app for your email that you can use to schedule and coordinate meetings.

When it comes to planning meetings, you will not only have to find the time in your own schedule, you will have to look at someone else%u2019s as well. This will take a lot of time as you try to find the best time for both everyone. Clara will take all of the legwork out of setting up a meeting by handling the emails for this. All you will have to do is CC Clara in on the email and the process will be started.

One of the best things about Clara is the fact that it offers natural language capabilities. This means that recipients will not be confused by your emails. You also will not have to worry about scheduling meetings and can spend time on some of the other work that you will have.


5 great apps for you to try and see what you like – if you’re interested in time management courses Australia then there are a stack of programs available in your area – try a Google search.

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